Walking Around Kathmandu

I was on a market street somewhere between Thamel and Basantpur, walking towards the Durbar Square in Basantpur, which I was told by the people who gave me directions was at a walking distance, though I was finding the rightness of the expression “walking distance” very questionable with every kilometre I walked. Much as I… Continue reading Walking Around Kathmandu

Satori at Pashupatinath

“So what’s the story behind the temple ?”, I ask my friend, munching a typical Nepali breakfast of poori, jalebi and tarkari outside the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. My friend is a Nepali who left his country in the year 1999 before the political drama had begun to unfold in Nepal. Twelve years later, his spiritual wanderings see him outside… Continue reading Satori at Pashupatinath

Where is Everybody Going?

  It’s past mid-September in Bangalore. It’s around 8 in the morning. I take my breakfast of vada, Sāmbhar and chutney and sit at a free table. I am at the Bangalore International Airport Terminal. An elderly gentleman asks me if he can sit at the table. “Ofcourse, please”, I reply. As I eat, I look around. In the… Continue reading Where is Everybody Going?

If Only…

If only you could have been there If only into your joyous eyes I could stare If only I could hold your hand All the world and its vicissitudes I could stand If only the grass was greener this side If only my pain I did not have to hide If only I could love… Continue reading If Only…