What is dharma? And how can it be different for different people?

Photograph by Arti Agarwal
Photograph by Arti Agarwal

I encounter this question often. “What is dharma?”

The immediately next question people ask, is, “How can dharma change from one person to another? And from one situation to another?”

Dharma is taking a decision or an action, in alignment with the laws  of the cosmos. In simple words, dharma is taking any action or decision from a space of completion & with an intention of enriching someone.

When we say “Brahmanyam Bahuputratam”, we mean, “I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos”. It means, “I am the source of everything.” This applies to each and every human being, whether they have realized it yet or not.

Hence, to simplify it even further, the dharma of every human being is to take responsibility for any and every situation that is bothering them or that needs reform. Any decision that comes from that sense of responsibility will be in alignment with dharma.

Why is dharma different for different people?

In the same situation, the dharma in spirit will be the same for each person – to take responsibility for the situation. But, the methods chosen to shoulder that responsibility can be different according to each person. Different people may be using different methods to achieve the same thing.

For example, the dharma of a kshatriya (warrior) and a brahmana (sage) is the same. To take responsibility for the humanity. But their methods will be different. That is called svadharma. A kshtriya will carry out his svadharma by protecting the land and its people. A brahmana will carry out his svadharma by studying scriptures, giving the right counsel to the rulers, teaching young minds, performing rites and rituals for the betterment of the land & its people. The actions and methods of both are different, the spirit is the same.


Why do we need a Guru?


“Why do we need a Guru?” 

That is almost the same as asking “Why do we need teachers/education?” Because no one has ever paid attention to teaching us about life and our own mind, we need a Guru. Just like we need someone to teach us History, Geography, Science, Maths etc, we need someone to teach us about LIFE – emotions, reactions, anger, jealousy, ego, dissatisfaction, mind, conflicts and how to deal with all these.

Yes, it is true, that we have all the answers within our own selves. I have no doubts about it. But, it is like having a bank account or Debit card, whose password/PIN you don’t know! What will you do with such a bank account? It may be having diamonds, but you don’t know how to access it! The Guru is the key, the password, the PIN to all the answers locked inside you.

That is why you need a Guru. He shows you the best of you, and makes you live it.

If Only…

If only you could have been there
If only into your joyous eyes I could stare
If only I could hold your hand
All the world and its vicissitudes I could stand
If only the grass was greener this side
If only my pain I did not have to hide
If only I could love you all day
If only you had had the heart to stay…


This post is for all the followers and believers of Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda. @Literates – Non believers need not comment, they will be deleted. Illiterates need not read the article.

I have been having weird dreams all night…and I think I am pretty disturbed too now…
But I was thinking abt everything…and the thing is, I love Swamiji so much not because of him as a person, but because of his teachings and everything he says. Because everything he says I agree with and believe in and it helps me.
What has saved me till now is those beliefs. Yes, those beliefs have made me very fond of Swamiji also, no doubt, but that is how it started. After all, he was just another human being to me the first time I met him. And that remains unchanged. Everything he has ever said to me till now has worked for me.
And that won’t change. It never will.
And Swamiji never tells us to do one thing or another. He just tells us to experience causeless love.
Maybe what I am saying might sound weird, but first of all I don’t and won’t believe in all this “scandal” thing.

Secondly, why does sex automatically have to translate to scandal ? If he forced the woman to have sex, yes it would be a scandal. If he has been abusing women and not been behaving decently with them, yes it is a scandal. If he had misbehaved with any of the woman who come to seek guidance from him, yes it would be a scandal. If he had been traffiking women, yes it would be a scandal.
But since when did sex become a scandal in itself ?
But why is being with a woman and sleeping with a woman automatically a scandal ?
Don’t pujaris and other gurus in all our temples have wives ? Why is it okey for them to have wives ?
Dint Jesus have a wife ? Magdalene. Why is it suddenly wrong for a man, who is enlightened, to be with a woman ? Don’t we all want that some day ? And if we say we don’t, aren’t we being nothing but just big fat hypocrites ?
Where did the concept of marriage and union come from ? Dint it originate in the idea of multiplying our happiness ? And I am extremely sorry to say this, but isn’t sex one of the ways to reach a meditative state too ? What made our mahrajas sculpt stories on it in the Khajuraho Temples ? Why the hell is sex suddenly unholy ? Why is it okey to sell Kamasutra in every other book store in India perfectly alright, but to talk of sex not alright ?

Its just that the media with their brainless ideas or utter lack of ideas portray everything in such a bad light that it rocks our worlds. Because that is what they want. To rock our worlds.

I hope this will help you too.
No one asked us to assume that Swamiji is not human and that he cannot do things we humans do. It is our fault if we assume that. He is a human sent in this mortal world to live with mortals. And we should not judge him for his mortal deeds since he doesn’t judge us for ours. That’s just how I see it.

May God bless Swamiji and help him. And may God bless all of us who are feeling like they have just gone through an earthquake and need to find our grounds.

After all, I don’t know how much time it will take to sort out this incredible mess, but I know, that the one thing that still saves me is everything that I have learnt from Swamiji. And I will still be thankful to him for that for the rest of my life. And for my blissful existence. May you all be happy and are able to find your happiness every day.

Nithyanandam !