How to Move On (For Real)

Have You Really Moved On? Let’s face it: there are many parts of our past which we are not “okay” with, which we wish hadn't happened, which we prefer not to think about. These parts are better buried somewhere deep in our minds (so we think). Unfortunately, these are the parts of our past that… Continue reading How to Move On (For Real)

What is dharma? And how can it be different for different people?

I encounter this question often. "What is dharma?" The immediately next question people ask, is, "How can dharma change from one person to another? And from one situation to another?" Dharma is taking a decision or an action, in alignment with the laws  of the cosmos. In simple words, dharma is taking any action or… Continue reading What is dharma? And how can it be different for different people?

Walking Around Kathmandu

I was on a market street somewhere between Thamel and Basantpur, walking towards the Durbar Square in Basantpur, which I was told by the people who gave me directions was at a walking distance, though I was finding the rightness of the expression “walking distance” very questionable with every kilometre I walked. Much as I… Continue reading Walking Around Kathmandu

Don’t Quit Smoking. Let smoking Quit YOU.

Today, I want to share a very personal but profound thing, which all smokers might find useful. Till 2 yrs and 9 months ago, I was a smoker. I started smoking in 2007 and continued to do so till 2010. It started as a "casual curiosity" and then when I hit a major depression in… Continue reading Don’t Quit Smoking. Let smoking Quit YOU.

Don’t Give a Greencard to your Problems

When people feel tired, bored, fed up, it is not because of the work or the people. It is because of the activity in their own minds. There is big chasm between what they show to people outside and how they feel inside. That is the reason why everyone looks "great" on the outside, but everyone has "problems": "All… Continue reading Don’t Give a Greencard to your Problems

Why do we need a Guru?

"Why do we need a Guru?"  That is almost the same as asking "Why do we need teachers/education?" Because no one has ever paid attention to teaching us about life and our own mind, we need a Guru. Just like we need someone to teach us History, Geography, Science, Maths etc, we need someone to… Continue reading Why do we need a Guru?

Satori at Pashupatinath

“So what’s the story behind the temple ?”, I ask my friend, munching a typical Nepali breakfast of poori, jalebi and tarkari outside the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. My friend is a Nepali who left his country in the year 1999 before the political drama had begun to unfold in Nepal. Twelve years later, his spiritual wanderings see him outside… Continue reading Satori at Pashupatinath

Kailash, the Ultimate Fulfillment

An eternal revelation, a mystery, a conscious fire, a happening, an immeasurable energy, an ocean of mysticism, a congregation of enlightened beings, a place beyond space and time – and, a completion of lifetimes. Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The place where the entire cosmos is centered, as explained by Swamiji (Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda). The… Continue reading Kailash, the Ultimate Fulfillment